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Welcome to Notitia Vita

We support you, assisting with projects you find challenging.
We offer contract project management services.
We also provide consulting services on difficult and stressful issues.


This Is About Us

We are headquartered in Pittsburgh. Our hybrid approach of teleconferencing and travel when needed has been successful with our remote projects.

We offer:

  • A Complete Suite of Project Management Services

    We perform remediation and restarts for troubled projects, project reviews, project planning, startup, and contract project management.

    If your firm has formal project management, such as established frameworks for projects, program management, or a Project Management Office, we can work within your framework. If not, we can develop a formal framework for your project's success.

  • Consulting Services For Difficult Situations

    We offer managerial, turnarounds, mathematical modeling, systems design, manufacturing, and process consulting.

    Sometimes it is difficult to root our troubles because, in rare instances, some employees work for themselves to the company's detriment. We have detected bad actors and fraud within organizations by thoroughly examining the books, inventories, purchasing records, surveys of physical equipment, and internal documents.

We have run challenging projects, from company turnarounds to mass marketing programs for energy companies. We have consulted in technical, manufacturing, and services. Our skills include programming, higher mathematics and modeling, forensic accounting, finance, and econometric analysis.

We have highly accomplished principals and rapidly leverage our university and free agent contacts to ramp up huge projects. On smaller projects, as time allows, the principals of the firm act directly.

We are quiet and discrete. We will always maintain your privacy!


We offer Two Product Lines

Our two major product lines are assistance with client project management and high-level consulting services.

Troubled Project Rescue

We perform restarts of troubled projects and high-priority "crashing" efforts that accelerate projects, at and increased cost, to mitigate issues that occur with late delivery.

A few of the more significant rescues we have performed included three company turnarounds, and in another engagement, simultaneous "crashing" six projects for a client totaling thirty million dollars, reducing the expected liquidated damages payouts by over a million dollars.

Project Planning

We can help you plan for new or existing projects.

We can help you with scope, work breakdown structures, milestones, deliverables, and building budgets. Our critical path studies can keep projects on track and prioritize the order of work.

We have directed an ERP for a large fabrication firm, redesigned process flow for a carton manufacturer, planned and managed mass-marketing campaigns to millions of consumers, designed mathematical methodologies, and built the trading systems for a financial engineering startup.

Project Control, Review, and Analysis

We can provide executive-level financial reviews and project status reports to update costs at completion, and estimated delivery dates. We can dig into project paperwork and controls to determine significant issues.

We have identified barriers, roadblocks, underperforming individuals and equipment, vendor issues, collusion, and fraud. With us, you have a timely understanding of what is going on in your projects.

Project Startup

We can help you plan for the startup of projects, lay out milestones, build budgets, and determine the critical path items.

More important than just producing plans, our principals have a bias for action and will kick projects into gear when enough information is known. Planning paralysis is an unfortunate fundamental in real-world projects. We don't let the quest for perfection destroy a good project start.

Consulting Services

We have broad expertise in management, finance, manufacturing, technology, mathematics, and process design.

Our consulting abilities are so broad that it is hard to list everything we can do. We have been involved in various projects in finance, nuclear, fabrication, manufacturing, environmental equipment, alternative energy, recycling and composting, and non-profits. Our modeling, software, engineering, and mathematical abilities surpass most consultants.

Our Management

These Are Our Managers

Every project and consulting activity is under the direct supervision of our experienced managers.

Rand Warsaw MBA University of Pittsburgh,
MS Engineering University of Michigan

Modeling, theory, mathematics, finance, executive level management experience

Rand has been a nuclear engineer, a CEO, a Vice President of Operations, and a Board Member.

He has taught business as an adjunct instructor at Penn State University. His traditional courses included Project Management, Negotiation Theory and Practice, Management Concepts, International Business, Statistics, Calculus, and Algebra.

Rand is phenomenal in less than clear situations. He specializes in managerial projects, business planning and strategy, mathematics, and modeling difficult situations.

Andy Meyer MBA University of Pittsburgh,
BS Computer Engineering Technology Rochester Institute of Technology

Engineer, builder, software expert, plant manager, and hands-on projects

He has been a Plant Manager, a Vice President of Operations, a Software Engineering Department Manager, and a Software Developer. He has worked for a firm with national security research projects.

Andy sees solutions no one else can see. He is a visionary at cutting clutter in processes and making things hyper-efficient.


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